We’ve got stripes and spots; plains and plaids; rugs and runners. We’re confident that our comprehensive collection of quality carpets has something for everyone. Here we have twists, loops and flatweaves that are manufactured at home and abroad using the finest synthetic and natural materials such as wool, sisal and seagrass.

Bordered & Bespoke

As above basically… We can achieve whatever you have in mind! Ornate bordering; in-set rugs; custom-made, silver-seamed runners; floors on walls: we really can do it all!


For those that find sisals and alike a tad coarse, we have a fantastic collection of flatweaves. Using wool and other typical carpet materials, natural fibres are woven into the loops to create a stunning flooring hybrid.


This ever-popular carpet type is versatile, charming and practical. With sophisticated city styles and those of a more rugged and rural variety, the textured loop-pile can add the smart to your casual or the shabby to your chic!

Natural Flooring

Natural floor-covering is pretty much the glossy mag’s most permanent fixture. Sisals and seagrasses are eco-friendly, biodegradable and hardwearing. If that isn’t reason enough, it looks pretty awesome too!

Patterns & Plaids

Plain décor? A pattern on the floor could be your feature wall! From charming tartans to floorings that are frilly and floral – choosing a patterned carpet is an effective way of introducing colour and personality.


Relatively self-explanatory, however, in addition to hundreds of out-of-the-brochure, ready-made rugs, we can create custom area rugs out of practically anything, in any shape and to any size. Sounds like it could be expensive? It isn’t!

Saxonies & Softs

Simple: A super soft, saxony carpet is ideal for bedrooms because it’s really, really comfy! Thick, dense-pile velours and shimmered saxonies add a lavish lustre and touch of class to any room.

Stair Runners

Fancy something out of the ordinary, or subtle yet special? We’ve got your stairs covered. Create some feature flooring using bright, brave colours or toy with natural textures and taped edges for something truly eye catching!


A striped carpet is that something stand-out to stand on! Attention grabbing and glamorous, linear patterns are an ideal way to elongate and add energy. Whether you’re after off the shelf or ordering bespoke borders, bold is beautiful!


Twist piles: Timeless, dependable and available in an array of colours. Whatever your preference may be, plain or heathered, wool or stain-free synthetic you can be sure that a decent quality twist will do you proud!