In this section you’ll see some truly stunning hardwood floorings and some pretty genuine-looking laminate. Whether you’re hankering for herringbone, eager for engineered or sold on solid wood flooring: we’ve got parquet down to a perfection! Amongst many others you’ll find brands Ted Todd, Kahrs & Pergo.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Okay, so we’re not supposed to have a favourite but… It is natural, warm and it’s gorgeous! Engineered floors are structured boards, built for stability and durability. They’re available in a vast variety of styles, colours and widths.

Laminate Flooring

Laminated floors are attractive and affordable floors that are durable and dependable. Manufactured with a good eye for detail, laminates boast an authentic look and the added benefit of relatively easy installation.

Solid Wood Flooring

Each plank of solid wood flooring is cut from a single piece of timber and therefore can be sanded and re-finished numerous times. Mainly available in oak, they come in narrow planks and parquet blocks ideal for herringbone designs.