Floor Trends: Faux Silk & White Wood

We’re frequently asked which floorings are fashionable. So, whilst we’ve been busy over the last few months installing an assortment of floors, we thought it may provide some inspiration to point out some products that have been particularly popular. This brief blog features our fabulous faux silk carpet collection and focuses on some of the light coloured wood flooring that we offer.

Woven: Faux Silk

 ITCCannesMandarin ITCCannes

Admittedly, our range of faux silk carpets from ITC has been more popular than we first thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, we always knew it was nice – we’re just glad that you agree! Available in all of the right colours, these contemporary velours are both beautiful to look at and pretty hardwearing. Comfy & cloud-like underfoot, the classy Chablis & Cannes collection really are carpet heaven!

Woods: White, Light & Pale

TTChevron TTcameo

Although they may not exude the elegance of a walnut floor or create the contrast that a dark oak offers; white, light and pale wooden floors really have a lot going for them.

It’s no secret that light flooring helps to shape an open, uncluttered and airy area. With space at a considerable premium, it certainly is nice to make the most of it – making it feel bigger is usually a no-brainer. With ‘Scandi-style’ in full effect, it probably comes as no surprise that pale, natural shades have been undeniably popular.

Believe it or not, lighter coloured wooden flooring is easier to to look after than darker tones are. In truth, all wood is likely to scratch and/or dent at some point but it’s probably worth noting that marks will be more apparent on dark floors. The general day-to-day dirt dust and debris will be visible on either, (a mid-colour is better for this) however, you usually find that footprints and other bits tend to be more noticeable on dark brown and black flooring.

Much like dark floors, light floors are available in a number of species. Whilst the market is dominated by stained, oiled and lacquered oak, variations of ash, bamboo, birch and maple are available too.

Our most popular have been Lamett’s Oslo White Oil, Ted Todd’s Project Calico and White Stone by Boen.


Thanks for taking the time to visit us and reading this.